Articles & Essays by Gabrielle Bendiner-Viani


In the Same Room without Screaming
Urban Omnibus


“The Triangle Fire Open Archive”
In See You in the Streets: Art, Action and Remembering the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire, by Ruth Sergel


Bringing their worlds back: Using photographs to spur conversations on everyday place
Visual Studies


Book for Architects, Wolfgang Tillmans, review
Buildings and Landscapes


Embedding Histories in a Changing Prospect Heights
Urban Omnibus


Finding ‘Community’ and Other Critical Words
Urban Pamphleteer 5 / UCL Urban Lab


Productive Visiting in Contested Space: Exhibitions, Collaboration and the Seward Park Urban Renewal Area
Roulotte, 11


Archives, Exhibitions, Art, and the Urban Public
People, Place, and Space: Key Readings across the Disciplines


The big world in the small: Layered dynamics of meaning-making in the everyday
Society & Space : Environment & Planning D


Making meaning together: the Triangle Fire Open Archive and Open Museum
Urban Omnibus


Layered SPURA: Spurring conversations through visual urbanism
Radical History Review


Hybrid ways of doing: A model for teaching public space
International Journal of Architectural Research


Guided Tours: The layered dynamics of self, place and image in two American neighborhoods
CUNY Graduate Center


Making Housing Home
Places Journal


Walking, Emotion and Dwelling: Guided Tours in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Space and Culture


Guided Tours at Urban Horizons


Place Identity
Encyclopedia of community


Guided Tour: Villa 31. Buenos Aires, Argentina
DisClosure: A Journal of Social Theory