Contested City launches with a packed house

On one of the coldest, iciest nights of the year, the Contested City book launch on February 12th couldn't have been warmer. My heartfelt thanks to the more than 100 of you who were there, and the many more who were there in spirit. It was an honor to share the night with long-time collaborators and activists extraordinaire, Damaris Reyes of GOLES and Tito Delgado of SPARC.

Highlights included Damaris' surprise that our long collaboration could turn into a book, Tito's call for the public control of land for the people, Gabrielle's challenge to the City to use SPURA as an example and make all affordable housing permanent, and seven-year-old Eva's statement that while she wasn't interested when she arrived, by the end of the evening she was sure she wanted to read the book.